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Vector artwork, such as things created in Illustrator,  are best saved in EPS, PDF , or AI files. These are able to handle the vector graphics without the need of converting them to pixels which allows for a clean look instead of a pixelated mess. TIFFs, JPEGS, and PSD are what you should save bitmap files as such as files from photoshop. TIFFs and PSDs are lossless and allow for a file to be saved without losing any quality of the graphic. JPEGs lose some quality but allow for significantly less storage use as the files take up less space.

These are saved as JPEG high quality as they preserve colors and have smaller file sizes than plain JPG.

30″ by 40″WCF-30.40.jpg

24″ by 36″

WCF-24.36.jpg22″ by 28″

WCF-22.28Netiquette video

Animated-bannerScreen Shot 2017-10-02 at 12.40.20 PM.png

Cartoon avatar made in photoshop.Cartoon-Me-gif

Illustrator logo