Wireframes are a valuable tool used in the creation of your website. they allow you to plan out the structure of your website by using the 3 main components of websites. the 3 main components are interface, navigation, and information design. Interface is the functions of your site how its used and if it is … Continue reading Wireframe



Netiquette skills are important in the establishment of your online presence. Netiquette encompasses all rules that you should follow when using the internet. For instance, when posting avoid swear words, making posts all about you, posting personal affairs in the public space, and typing with bad grammar or in all caps. It can help you … Continue reading Netiquette

4 Copyright Fair Use Factors

There are 4 Copyright Fair Use Factors including using copyrighted materials for media criticism, quoting copyrighted works of popular culture to illustrate an argument or point, capturing copyrighted media content in the process of filming something else, and using copyrighted material in a historical sequence. Using copyrighted materials for media criticism allows people to exercise … Continue reading 4 Copyright Fair Use Factors