The shift to Online Portfolios

Lately you may have realized that the traditional resume is becoming obsolete. With the new integration into the digital age it is more important than ever to show you are capable of handling and using all the available resources handed to you through the worldwide web and through the use of an online portfolio you will be displaying your skill with these digital technologies. The way you create your portfolio also allows the people hiring an insight into the type of your person you are by the way you portray yourself online. people will have more access to your online portfolio as people have a greater access to the internet and will have less work to do to find your portfolio versus having to track you down and request a copy of your resume. A portfolio also allows you to freely update and change information as necessary allowing employers to be up to date with your most current work and skills. A portfolio is also more organized for employers to search for exactly what they need instead of searching through a single page for the information they need.

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